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Forever Living Healthy = Diet + Excercise+ Sleep

o you really want to be healthy for a long time? Be totally healthy rather than just use all the cosmetics to attempt to look beautiful.

Just three things daily. Try them for a week and see the difference.

Diet: Have a good medium diet wherein you have only nutritious food. Avoid all junk and eating at wrong hours, just eat five times a day each in small proportions. Mix some nuts and fruits together with your regular diet and drink lots and lots of water. Don't skip any diet, just have food at the right time. Brekfast before 10 am, lunch before 2 pm and dinner before 10 pm.

Excercise: Daily excercise, ideally in the early morning and do it for a full 40 mins, choose anything from brisk walking in the park or going to the gym or even cycling. Do it regularly and consistently.Warm up before and after your excercise. Before you start to excercise, have half a banana or just some nuts or even half an apple and you are good to go.

Sleep: Take adequate sleep, from 7 to 8 hours is best. However if you are unable to do so, sleep in afternoon  siesta to make up for the loss of balance sleep. Before sleeping and after waking up just move away from computers and TV, just focus on listening to music or meditation.

Add to this , supplements like Aloe Vera juice or  multi-vitamins or even pumpkin seeds. sunflower seeds to add the extra nutrition to your body